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Air conditioning is essential when living in the Sunshine State. A home without a working, efficient air conditioning system can make you uncomfortable and cost you money — not something that we want for you and your family.

At Assured Air Conditioning, we’ve got your comfort covered. We will provide honest, consistent service for you whether you are looking for a new installation, service or maintenance for your current A/C system, duct work or indoor air quality products. You will have peace of mind knowing that when you call us, as a certified air conditioning contractor, you are hiring a professional.

Our Air Conditioning Services include: Air Conditioning Service, Air Conditioning Installation, Air Conditioning Maintenance, Duct Work, Indoor Air Quality.

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On a hot Florida day, the last thing you want is to notice that your air conditioning is no longer working.

At Assured Air Conditioning, we provide honest air conditioning service for you and your family. If your A/C unit has broken down, we’ll come out the same day to diagnose the problem and try to fix it right then and there. If your repair requires parts we don’t stock on our trucks, we’ll do whatever we can to get the parts and get it fixed the same day. If we can’t get the parts to fix your a/c the same day, we will try to come up with a temporary solution to keep you cool until we come back with a permanent fix.

Fixing AC unit in Port St Lucie, FL

Our air conditioning services include:

  • Inspection & analysis of air conditioning systems for home buyers & sellers
  • Diagnosis of air conditioning systems that are not working, inefficient, noisy, or any other complaints & situations that don’t suit your needs
  • Repair of all major brands of air conditioning systems
AC services in Port St. Lucie, FL

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We are state licensed and insured. Hiring a certified contractor gives you legal protections and provides you with peace of mind, knowing that you are hiring a professional.

Air Conditioning installation

Your A/C system is what keeps your family comfortable at home. It is the most expensive appliance in your home and it is responsible for up to 60% of your family’s energy expenses.

Most modern A/C systems last 9-11 years. Having a new air conditioner installed is a big decision We’re here to educate you on the options that are available and to answer your questions so that you can make the right decisions for your family’s comfort and budget.

AC installation in Port St. Lucie, FL

We specialize in the following A/C installation services:

  • Air conditioning replacement
  • Air conditioning redesign & relocation
  • New construction & remodel air conditioning installation
  • Ductless & mini split air conditioning installation
Professional AC installation services in Port St. Lucie

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Air Conditioning maintenance

In our hot and humid climate, your A/C is what keeps your family comfortable, which is why it’s essential to ensure that it keeps working properly.

Assured Air Conditioning offers maintenance programs for your air conditioner that suit your needs and budget. Our maintenance offerings range from basic routine tune ups to keep your A/C running properly, to all inclusive plans that offer complete coverage of all of your A/C maintenance and service needs.

Maintenance services in Port St. Lucie

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Duct Work

Your home’s duct system is responsible for the distribution and circulation of all of the air in your home. Most duct systems over 25 years of age and many younger, have problems that directly impact the performance of the air conditioner they are attached to. This lost performance causes discomfort and wastes money.

Rooms that are too cold, too hot or seem to have poor air flow could indicate deteriorating ducts, duct leakage, duct insulation damage or other problems with your duct work. Dusty and dirty vents can also be a sign of problems with your duct system.

Duct work in Port St. Lucie

We offer the following duct work services:

  • Thermal image duct inspection
  • Duct sealing
  • Duct replacement
  • Duct installation
  • Duct cleaning
  • Zoning
Thermal image duct inspection

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Indoor Air Quality

The air quality in your home can have a significant impact on your family’s health and happiness. Allergens, bacteria and viruses can linger in the air causing health issues or allergies.

We can provide honest advice on and installation of:

  • Air filtration devices
  • UV lights & air purifiers
Indoor air quality services

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Why do your neighbors in Port St. Lucie call us for their A/C needs?

At Assured Air Conditioning, we have built our company and culture around trust and predictability, so that you can be sure that you will receive the best service possible, every single time. If you are looking for a reliable, honest A/C contractor, you have found them.